Why Use QFS Duct for Oil Mist and Cutting Fluid Applications?

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Oil mist, oil fume, and the particles linked to such operations pollute, irritate, and create health hazards.

Production with high machine speeds and pressure can create smoke as well as mist. Because the drips are very small, the concentration of oil in the air is increased.

Common Applications Where Oil Mist Problems Can Occur
  • Steel millsmachine-shop
  • Rolling mills
  • Metalworking
  • Rubber and plastic industry
  • Hardening and heat treating industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Metalwork and engineering industry when:
    • Turning
    • Cutting
    • Milling
    • Grinding
    • Drilling

Risks and discomfort connected with huge concentrations of oil mist and smoke include:

  • Oil mist contains small metal and other particles that could create respiratory problems, including asthma
  • Oil mist can create eczema and other skin problems
  • Oil mist increases the risk of falls and related accidents
  • Oil mist pollutes the general ventilation system
  • Oil mist creates, in general, a dirty environment
  • Oil mist damages sensitive electronics

The most effective way to avoid these problems is to eliminate or reduce the mist and smoke by the source. Nordfab QFS Duct Systems can significantly reduce problems created by oil mist by decreasing the possibilities for leakage from ducting.

Advantages of Nordfab QFS Ducting
  • QF Sealed Ducting allows fast installation with no special tools, no painting, flexible working
  • Laser welded straight ducts for smoother surface and enhanced leak resistance
  • Reduce sources of leakage on the floor, decreasing slippery surfaces
  • Easy-to-assemble installation components
  • Neat slip duct connections to adapt and adjust ducting on site during installation
  • Easy to extend or take apart completely for cleaning, reconfiguring or relocation
  • Full range of accessories and installation components
  • Adapters available to connect to and extend all other duct systems
  • All you need from one comprehensive, tried and tested range
  • Stainless steel also available
Key Components of QFS Ducting for Oil Mist and Cutting Fluid Applications
  1. Laser welds prevent leaks in straight ducts.
  2. Components other than duct – elbows, branches, etc. – are caulked at the seams and joins.
  3. To prevent leakage at straight duct joins, our Duct End Gasket is adhered to a duct end. In combination with the gasket inside the heavy-duty QFS clip, dual protection is provided.
  4. Our Oil Mist O-ring is added wherever a QFS Slip Duct is used.
  5. Our Oil Mist Drain extracts oil to minimize the amount of oil flowing through the system.

Visit our QFS Ducting product page to see all the components in the system.

To learn more about the ducting system and its advantages for oil mist applications, download the QFS Catalogue, (available in multiple languages, including Danish, Swedish, and German).