Why Use QF Ducting?

Nordfab_QF_clip_on_ductNordfab’s Quick-Fit™ clip-together ducting system saves time and reduces costs during installation of industrial ductwork. Installation time can be reduced by more than 45% over bolt-together ducting.

Other QF® duct benefits include:

  • Fast installation with no special tools, rivets, or screws and no painting or welding
  • Easy to assemble installation components
  • Neat slip duct connections to adapt and adjust ducting on site during installation
  • Easy to extend or take apart completely for cleaning, reconfiguring or relocation
  • Plasma welded straight ducts for smoother surface and enhanced leak resistance
  • Full range of accessories and installation components
  • Adapters available to connect to and extend all other duct systems
  • All you need from one comprehensive, tried and tested range
  • Stainless steel available in addition to the standard Galvanised Steel

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