SBBB Automatic Damper for High Vacuum Duct Systems

The SBBB is a circular compressed air powered automatic slide damper for rapid and tight closure. Since the damper is opened and closed automatically, extraction is always focused on the connections, extraction points, or machines currently in operation. This maximizes extraction power, with lower energy consumption as a bonus.

  • The damper should be connected to clean and dry compressed air
  • Working pressure 5-8 bar
  • Maximum temperature 80° C
  • Voltage: 230V AC (Coils for 24-110V AC & DC optional)
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Product Description

SBBB Automatic Damper – 230V AC
Automatspjæld | Automatspjäll | Pneumatik-Schieber
ø mm Item no. Weight kg
50 SBBB-RK-050 2,3
 63 SBBB-RK-063 2,3
76 SBBB-RK-076 3,0
 102 SBBB-RK-102 4,0